Gritty Primal Greatness – I am not broken

For we find out who we are when we go through the refiners fire, and so does everyone else – find out who we are and what we’re made of. Testing the mettle of your marrow you die from the pain and you’re born from the tears that cover your pillows every night. Coming clean and being honest with yourself for the first time, maybe ever or maybe in some time, you now know where your true north is and you follow that compass for your deliverance from the evil that you know as a painful breakup.

Scraping yourself off the floor, kneeling to God for one more exhaustive and wailing cries of injustice and terror, you fight for your entitled healing as if it were your child. Nurturing yourself becomes mandatory for you to survive and just like a momma bear you will never let anyone hurt you again.

Gritty, primal greatness is what you have found deep inside yourself hidden away for this very cold dreary rainy day in hell but it unlocks the gates of hell and allows you to fly out like an eagle soaring into the beautiful blue skies to freedom. Careful now and softly cautious you tip toe back into life as if you are new here – and you are. You’ve never been more vulnerable and yet never so strong either.

There is nothing more satisfying as coming out the other side of a heartbreaking marriage where you exhausted every possible avenue and had nothing left to give. You are the strong one my dear. You braved it through. Be glad and be grateful that this time it’s really over and you will eventually heal and recover and someday maybe even trust someone again.

Gritty primal greatness, I was not that broken but I was that lost lonely sad girl who didn’t know her way out of the mess she’d gotten herself into. Thank you God and good friends for getting me through it.

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